A Baku (also known as Yin-Bok-Coo) is a flightless, black bird who can run very fast, and is made of Dark Matter. It can only glide for a few minutes due to it's short and stubby nubs for hands, but it could stretch it's legs in order to reach fruit in a tree. It is the dark version (or the Yin spirit of the two) of a rabbit-like creature called a Long-Earred Baku.

Appearance Edit

A Baku has no ears, a round black, feathery body with two feathers sticking out of it's head like hair. It has small stubs that almost look like a combination of Kirby hands and flippers. It has scaly white legs with feet that look like baby booties. A Baku's face is similar to a Kirby's, only it has narrow white eyes and it's mouth is only visible when open.

Powers and Abilities Edit

A Baku produces negative energy when ever it shoots a purple beam at a certain being. Once that being looks into the eyes of another, they start to argue and pass on that dark energy. A regular Baku is the spirit of "Dark Chi" or "Yin". It feeds off of negative feelings such as depression, anger, spite and more. A Long-Eared Baku, how ever, does the opposite of that and it is the "Yang" Counterpart of the bird. Any Baku could use it's legs to kick, stretch, or defend itself in battle and it cannot be inhaled, but it could still be hit.

History Edit

Back when Pop Star was still being made, two great gods called Hikari Baku (godesss of light), and Kage Baku (god of the shadows), were fighting over whether the star should be a place of light, or a place of darkness. The god of dreams then stopped them both, and showed them that they had an inner balance with each other, that they need one another to survive. They then worked together to create day and night for Pop Star, soon they fell in love and had millions of kids, making up the Baku population today.

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