Lieutenant Axel


Unknown, armored Waddle Dee?




Battle Axe, Tomahawks




Unknown, Cutter?

Lt. Axel Theodore AkkusuNaito, known more commonly as "Ax Knight", is a Meta-Knight. Even more, he is a personal apprentice of Meta Knight. He is somewhat cowardly, although maybe not as much as Sailor Waddle Dee. Never the less, he's very loyal to his commanding officers, and his friends.

In canonEdit

Ax Knight appears in the sub-game of Kirby Super Star ,"Revenge of Meta Knight". In this he comments on Kirby's progress through the Halberd, and eventually confronts him with his friend Mace Knight. However, it is all in vain and he is defeated by Kirby. He later appears in the game's remake with an unchanged role.

In fanonEdit

Axel is a good friend of Ferdinand. They have been friends ever since their childhood, where they lived nearby to each other and both wished to be Meta-Knights. This wish eventually comes true, and they even became apprentices of Meta Knight. Never the less, they aren't his star pupils and usually end up manning the Battleship Halberd instead of being taken on adventures.