Astalos Kirby


Kirby gains a green crest on his forehead. He also gains two small green wings. Finally, he also gains a tail with a scissor-like end.


Paralysis to enemies, Electricity

Obtained from






I have copied the ability of a creature from a far off land! I can now use electric and paralysis attacks with my new appendages! - Flavour Text

Astalos Kirby is a new ability introduced in Kirby: Rainbow Crash. It focuses mainly on attacks using electricity and is mainly an offensive ability.

Moves Edit

Move Controls Description
Electric Ball B Kirby fires a ball of electricity. It then creates a pillar of lightning that goes forward.
Crest Swipe Forward+B Kirby strikes ahead with his crest, charged with electricity.
Wingarm Charged Strike Hold B Kirby charges one of his wingarms with electricity, then strikes in front of him.
Wingarm Charge Dash+B Kirby charges both of his wingarms with electricity, then charges ahead while striking the ground with both of his wingarms.
Tail Shock B (in midair) Kirby swipes his tail forwards while it releases electricity.
Charged Crash Down+B (in midair) Kirby charges his wingarms with electricity, then crashes down into the ground.
Tail Beam Down+B Kirby thrusts his tail forwards, then fires a beam of electricity.
Wingarm Slash Up+B Kirby slashes one of wingarms in an upwards arc.

Trivia Edit

The paralysis caused by the attacks prevents enemies from moving for a few seconds. Small enemies take one hit to paralyse, big enemies take 3 hits, and bosses take 8 hits to get paralysed.

Astalos Kirby is inspired (quite heavily) by the monster from Monster Hunter, Astalos.

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