One of SuperSonic78's cringy OCs :,)

Alora is one of SuperSonic78's main OCs, and serves as a protagonist.

Abilities Edit

Alora doesn't have any natural abilities (I guess you could say neutral), but she does know how to properly use maps and other exploration tools.

Personality Edit

Alora is a bubbly, optimistic puffball who's curiousity often lands her and her allies in crazy situations. However, this does not mean that she's always energetic; It's just her attitude most of the time. This can be both irritating and relieving to others. depending on the situation.

Appearance Edit

Alora is a royal blue puffball with random cringy hair with navy blue hair. Her shoes are between the two colours aforementioned, with teo navy straps loosely around her left foot. She sports a white bandana, and her eyes are an aqua colour.

Backstory Edit

Alora didn't really experience any life-changing or traumatic events on her home planet, but she did hain the urge to explore. Where she lives, Puffballs have grown into a common species that live in a bit of harmony with other species. However, playing outside with her friends and classmates gave her a burning desire to map the universe for whatever reason, and that lead her to meet her two best friends, who currently adventure alongside or close to her. (More info on them later...)

Affilations Edit

None yet, but I suppose my other OCs count..?

Trivia Edit

-Alora's first design actually hinted she was more of a girly-girl, but that was changed later on. (She also used to have a skirt instead of a scarf)

-Her dream is to map the entire Kirby universe one day, even if it takes her forever to do so.

This article is WIP. (Work In Progress)

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